We Stand Against “Trolls.”

We at the Cashman Law Firm, PLLC are staunch believers in privacy, and thus we take steps to protect the rights of our clients. We understand that there is a technology gap between the laws and how they relate to today’s internet user. It troubles us that the application of the laws as they are effected today often leads to multiple individuals being threatened, sued, or extorted for violations of one or more federal statutes for crimes they often did not commit.

Patent and copyright holders (often referred to as “patent trolls” and “copyright trolls,” respectively) employ methods of identifying and tracking the accused infringer in order to accuse, threaten, and extort large settlements. Internet subscribers often receive DMCA violation notices through their ISPs threatening prosecution, civil fines and statutory damages in one or more lawsuits with the hopes of eliciting tens of thousands of dollars in settlement fees from each individual regardless of whether the accused are guilty of the so-called “crimes” they are accused of committing.

Without attorney assistance, these accused individuals often pay the tens of thousands of dollars in settlement fees in fear that they would have to spend just as much money if a lawsuit were filed. This is simply unacceptable.

People should not have to pay a ransom to avoid being sued in a federal lawsuit. Technology has advanced to the point where the correct application of justice is possible. We at the Cashman Law Firm, PLLC work to push the law in the direction of only holding the accused liable when they are sure to have committed the infringement, rather than allowing whole scores of users to be accused in a pool of “John Doe Defendants” without knowing who is guilty and who is not.

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