Strike 3 Holdings Ohio Lawsuits (JUNE 2023)

Strike 3 Holdings List of Cases strike-3-holdings-settlements

Strike 3 Holdings, LLC is expanding its copyright infringement lawsuits into Ohio, targeting accused John Doe subscribers.

This article explores the new lawsuit filing strategy, the concept of forum shopping, the reasons behind choosing Ohio as a favorable location, and the reliance on settlement factories to make their filings profitable.

It also provides a list of cases filed in the Ohio Northern District Court and discusses the demographics and financial profiles of Ohio defendants.


Strike 3 Holdings List of Cases strike-3-holdings-settlements

I wrote this article to give “Just The Facts” about Strike 3 Holdings lawsuits. Here, I will briefly give you a walkthrough of the ISP Subpoena Letter that you received in the mail. You will learn whether to respond with a motion to quash, or whether there are better strategies available to you through your … Read more