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My name is Rob Cashman, I am the author of the TorrentLawyer blog; I am also the owner of the Cashman Law Firm, PLLC where we defend internet users who are accused of downloading pirated software, streaming uploaded movies, or using cracked software [without realizing that the owner was monitoring your use]. Now you are facing a copyright infringement lawsuit.


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In my field, many attorneys are trying to get your attention, some using misinformation or fear tactics, others using legal strategy “silver bullets” which they know to be ineffective, and yet others by luring-you-in to “litigate” or “fight,” only to bait-and-switch you into a costly settlement negotiation.

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The ISP Subpoena Notification Letter that you received in the mail likely used terms such as “file an objection with the court,” or “file a motion to quash” threatening that if you did not do this by a certain date, they would hand over your contact information to the copyright holder who sued you.

The ISP’s letter (which is the same letter they have been using for 10 years now) gives the accused “John Doe” defendant an urgent need to act now or else lose everything. It also provides false hope that by acting now, the accused defendant’s contact information would remain “anonymous.” Yet after ten years, they continue to suggest that by filing this motion to quash with the court, even though doing so has rarely been effective.

So-called defense attorneys have seized upon the ISP letter’s terminology, and they have built websites around the words “motion to quash” and “anonymous” to make their potential clients believe the attorney is protecting their anonymity when really, that attorney is looking to further his or her boilerplate cookie-cutter settlement scheme. We call these attorneys “settlement factories.”

With cheap tricks such as luring you in to “file a motion to quash” when the attorney knew doing so would be ineffective, or suggesting that you settle the claims against you without being sensitive to the simple fact that you did not do the download or infringe their copyrights, there are many scams and schemes you are exposed to.

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If you are still with me, it has always been our goal with the TorrentLawyer blog and its 200+ articles to report what we have found to be the best strategies in dealing with each copyright holder.

As we learned strategies for each copyright holder [and personality-specific news about many “copyright troll” attorneys], we created FAQ pages to sort-and-simplify FACT from FICTION. However, our pages remained long and in-depth.

Most recently, we realized that by figuring out which CATEGORY OF DEFENDANT you fall into, you can properly understand how to best approach your lawsuit.

For example, you might be:

1) an engineer accused of using Siemens Industry Software Inc.’s NX software without a license,

or you might be:

2) accused of downloading Strike 3 Holdings, LLC’s copyrighted videos or accused of downloading some other movie company’s failed movies (Fallen Productions, Inc.) which have been leaked onto the internet (possibly by the copyright holders themselves).

Or, your might be further along in your case and you might have been:

3) named and served as a defendant where you were formerly a “John Doe” placeholder defendant…

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Each CATEGORY OF DEFENDANT is best served with a different approach.


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Schedule a free phone consultation with a Cashman Law Firm PLLC attorney. No obligation. Read what I expect of you here.

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