BANKRUPTCY. It does not matter whether you are filing bankruptcy in Houston, Texas — in New York City, New York — in Miami, FL… with some limited exceptions, bankruptcy is the same wherever you go.

Each bankruptcy filing takes into consideration the same set of documents. How much income you have coming in, how much in assets do you have, how much debt do you carry, how much your expenses are each month, and the classifications and uses of each.

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Regardless of where you go, the bankruptcy chapter filings will also be the same. A Chapter 7, a Chapter 11, or a Chapter 13 will look the same whether you are in Texas, New York, or Florida.

Contrary to what you’ll be told, the question is often *not* which chapter best fits your character, temperament, and personality, but which bankruptcy chapter you qualify for. Tens of thousands of individuals enter bankruptcy lawyer offices each day, and to their surprise, their financial circumstances will determine which chapter their bankruptcy attorney should file on their behalf. It is not about the the character of the debtor; it is mathematically, unemotionally, and simply about the numbers.

2017 UPDATE: This is a legacy page that was created in 2010.  Our Cashman Law Firm, PLLC is no longer taking clients for bankruptcy matters.  However, should you need a referral, please e-mail us.