List of Malibu Media Cases By State (January 2020)

Malibu Media, LLC filed only five (5) copyright infringement lawsuits in federal courts (US District Courts) across the US in the past 30 days (this time last year, they were filing on average 100+ cases each month). For the moment, they appear to have focused their lawsuits only in the US District Courts in the state of Illinois. As often as it is useful, I will be listing the Malibu Media, LLC cases which are filed in each state.

Malibu Media LLC is a well known copyright troll, and our blog (owned by the Cashman Law Firm PLLC) has written about them extensively. I’m not sure I love the idea of doing it this way, but I would like to list in one page the list of Malibu Media LLC cases filed in each state. I plan on repeating this process each month (or if they continue their hiatus in their filings, once every three months). I also ask that other attorneys DO NOT COPY THIS LIST, AS I HAVE COMPILED THIS LIST MYSELF AT MY OWN EXPENSE.

What is a Copyright Troll?

A “copyright troll” is an entity — usually a production studio, a film or movie studio, or some other copyright holder — which decides that it is more profitable to sue downloaders rather than to adhere to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) rules in attempting to remove bittorrent links which allow these end users to unlawfully access their copyrighted titles.

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It is now 2/10/2020, and I am going “back in time” to write this article, and I won’t hide why. Those of you from the December 2019 lawsuits are only now receiving ISP subpoena notices, and I wanted to be sure that as soon as you type in your case, at least something relevant will show up that will point you to where you can get help.

Malibu Media, LLC has had its difficulties in maintaining good relations with its general counsel over the years. First, it broke away from Keith Lipscomb, owner of Lipscomb Eisenberg and Baker, where the two ended up suing each other over unpaid commissions. Then, there was their relationship with Pillar Law, and most recently, the Lomnitzer Law Firm P.A.

As of August, 2019, Malibu Media, LLC appears to be without general counsel. While I have not tracked the lawsuits between each of their general counsel, I can reference you to Sophisticated Jane Doe’s website article entitled, “Yet another lawfirm sues its former client Malibu Media.”

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For those of you looking for an initial understanding of the Malibu Media LLC copyright holder, you can click here to read the “JUST THE FACTS – Malibu Media LLC” article I wrote about them.

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Illinois Northern District Court

Malibu Media, LLC v. Doe, subscriber assigned IP address (Case No. 1:19-cv-06794)
Malibu Media, LLC v. Doe, subscriber assigned IP address (Case No. 1:19-cv-06795)
Malibu Media, LLC v. Doe, subscriber assigned IP address (Case No. 1:19-cv-06790)
Malibu Media, LLC v. Doe, subscriber assigned IP address (Case No. 1:19-cv-06782)
Malibu Media, LLC v. Doe, subscriber assigned IP address (Case No. 1:19-cv-06792)

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