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What makes us different from the other law firms is that the Cashman Law Firm, PLLC houses four separate
law practices each in its own field of law. They are:


Cashman IP, the intellectual property branch of the Cashman Law Firm, focuses on all areas of intellectual
property. We focus on the inventor, protecting their invention and preventing other companies from stealing their ideas.

In terms of protecting your invention, we will search the prior art not only in terms of determining whether someone
else already has already patented or marketed your invention, but to also determine the marketing potential of your
invention -- this will help you to determine how much you can make by licensing your invention to other companies
once you receive your patent. Specifically, we will determine how dense the technical area of your invention is,
whether there are many or few patents in that area, and whether the patents in existence will pose stumbling blocks
that will require you to take a license from inventors currently holding patents which are a threat to the efficacy of
your invention.

If you decide to move forward, we will draft, prepare, and submit your invention to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office,
and we will respond to objections or rejections that come from the prosecution of your patent.

If you own a patent and someone is using your invention without your permission, we will aggressively protect your
rights both in and out of court. Even though we will not hesitate to start a patent lawsuit, we will encourage the business
to agree to pay you a royalty through a license. Knowing that we have the right to move forward with a lawsuit, we will
also encourage them to pay damages for their past unauthorized use of your patent. If you are more in the market to
sell your patent rights rather than to enforce them in a court of law, we would also be happy negotiate a partnership
between you and their company or a sale of your patent assets. In short, if they are found to be infringing your patent,
you have many revenue-generating options both in and out of court, and we are in a position to help you navigate these

Lastly, if you own a patent but you have not or have no plans of making use of it (e.g., it is sitting on the shelf gathering
dust), we will gladly analyze your patent to unlock the value which until now has laid dormant and unused within it. We
can help you form partnerships and joint ventures with companies who would have the interest and the financial ability
to produce your product and bring it to market. Lastly, we can help you form strategies to monetize your patent to
make your idea a profitable one before the time on your patent runs out.


Cashman Foreclosure Defense is a litigation branch of the Cashman Law Firm, PLLC. We focus on protecting the
homeowner from creditors, and lending institutions who wish to enforce their foreclosure remedies against your home.
One of the benefits of living in Texas is that the laws are written to protect the homeowner; many rights are even built
into the Texas Constitution. Many homeowners are unaware of these rights, and thus they lay down and passively wait
to be ejected from their homes.

As you will learn by reading the pages in the foreclosure section of our web site, navigating a foreclosure from the
homeowner's point of view is quite complex. The Texas foreclosure process is very simple from a bird's eye view, but
each step of the foreclosure process is saturated with areas the home owner needs to tread with caution. There is the
notice of default which follows a certain process, an acceleration of the debt, a notice of foreclosure which must be done
properly, the foreclosure sale itself which is laden with trips and traps, and the deficiency judgment that if you're not
careful can cost a home owner tens of thousands of dollars even after the foreclosure sale.

Having an attorney by your side at each step of this process can mean the difference between losing your home next
month, losing your home in a few years, or possibly not losing your home at all. Texas also provides homeowners with
protections voiding a mortgage document that violates certain statutes. There are also provisions for protecting the
Texas Homestead, for dealing with tax liens, and there are different rules which benefit the homeowner when the loan is
a Refinance Loan (Refi) or a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). Without an attorney, these issues may fall by the
wayside and cost the homeowner his home, his savings, his business, and may force him to declare bankruptcy.


Cashman Bankruptcy Law is the third leg of the Cashman Law Firm, PLLC which focuses on protecting assets from and
for creditors. Whether you are a creditor in need of securing your creditor's rights through enforcing your security
interest and financing statement, whether you intend on instituting a bankruptcy proceeding against your debtor,
or whether you are the one who owes money and you need to get a clean start through a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13
bankruptcy, we can help you.

Bankruptcy laws are made up of a complex set of rules which house many exceptions and sub-parts. From a practice
point of view, what makes bankruptcies so complex is that they have many deadlines. With an attorney who has a
firm grasp of the rules and a sound understanding of economic principles, navigating the chapters of bankruptcy can
be a financially rewarding experience. Our goal is to make your bankruptcy experience as easy and as clean as possible.

We will step into the shoes of the trustee and identify areas which may pose an issue to your bankruptcy filing before you
even enter the courtroom. That way, all your paperwork will be in order, and you will be apprised of your rights and will
know everything that is happening at each step of the process. Once you come out of bankruptcy, we will assist you in
rebuilding your financial life or your business. We will help you rebuild your credit score, secure your overall financial
picture, and help your business grow.


A fourth area of practice which we do not actively advertise is federal criminal law, specifically with regard to internet
and computer crimes. At the Cashman Law Firm, PLLC we take part in protecting your privacy rights through political
discussions with regard to net neutrality, and we protect the internet user against internet service providers (ISP's)
and companies who assert that the user was involved in illegal movie-sharing, seeding, or illegal downloading of songs,
programs, or movies.

The reason we do this is two-fold. Firstly, we are staunch believers in privacy, and thus we will take steps to protect the
rights of users. Secondly, we believe that there is a technology gap between the laws and how they relate to today's
internet user. It troubles us that the application of the laws as they are effected today often leads to multiple individuals
being charged with one or more federal and state computer crimes they often did not commit. These companies approach
individuals threatening prosecution, civil fines and penalties in a law suit, and even threaten jail time with the hopes of
eliciting thousands of dollars in settlement fees from each individual regardless of whether they are guilty of the crimes
they are accused of committing. Without attorney assistance, these accused individuals often pay thousands in
settlement fees in fear that they would have to spend just as much money if a law suit were filed.

This is simply unacceptable.

People should not have to pay someone a ransom for protection, or else. Technology has advanced to the point
where the correct application of justice is possible; we would like to push the law in the direction of properly charging
users with crimes they are sure to have committed rather than accusing whole scores of users in a pool without knowing
who is guilty and who is not.


As a general practice firm, we are also happy to assist you in your legal matters which include:

- CRIMINAL LAW: Defending yourself or a loved one against criminal charges under Texas or
Federal Criminal Law Statutes;

- DIVORCE, FAMILY LAW, AND CHILD CUSTODY: Carefully representing either side of a broken marriage,
especially where the situation is complicated and there are children involved, grandparents asserting visitation
rights in Texas Family Law Courts, or partners who oppose the separation or the idea of a divorce;

- WILLS & TRUSTS: Protecting your assets and helping you to lower your tax burden through the formation
of the correct entity; becoming judgment proof in a legal manner using approved and legal entities authorized
by the State of Texas and avoiding questionable offshore trusts and offshore accounts and inquiries from the
Internal Revenue Service.

- CONTRACTS: Helping you to preserve, enforce, and defend your rights under a contract in the case of a breach
regardless of whether you are the breaching party or the party left holding a contract that has been breached.
Defending your rights where there was merely an oral contract and where the terms were not put into a written contract.
Putting pressure on the right people both in court, in arbitration and mediation situations, and out of court to encourage
favorable settlements.

- CONSUMER LAW: Under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA), various tie-in statutes can help you
maximize your damages. We will help you enforce your rights using the proper statutes having the most amount of
"teeth" to recover your damages, whether they be monetary damages, medical damages, pain and suffering,
or mental anguish.

- CREDIT / DEBT: Under both the Texas Fair Credit Practices Act as well as the Federal Debt Protection Act, we will
stop creditors in their tracks and force them to stop any forms of harassing or abusive practices. We can give you
peace of mind knowing that a debtor who is represented by an attorney forces creditors to adhere to every statute
and regulation in order to properly collect the debt.

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